Building Things that Matter

We build what matters to Canada and that matters to us.

Aecon strives to deliver projects that support our economy and society in ways that are sensitive to the communities in which we operate. We are proud to build things that matter – from the roads and transit systems to get Canadians to work every day, to the communication channels we depend on, to the energy systems that light homes and the utilities that keep them warm. Learn more about Aecon’s CSR initiatives by visiting

One of Canada’s Best Employers for the ninth year running.

We have the best talent in the industry and we know how to work as a team. Most of all, we know how to get the best from our people by making sure they get the best from us. See our career opportunities here.

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A year of recognition

THE C.W. Chuck Wills Award
The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships awarded the City of Regina’s Wastewater Plant Project the C.W. Chuck Wills Award for Municipal Infrastructure at the National Awards for Innovation and Excellence.

The P3 Awards
The John Hart Generating Station Replacement project was awarded The Best Waste/Energy/Water Project by P3 Bulletin.

2015 National Awards for Innovation and Excellence in P3s The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships presented the Eglinton Crosstown LRT Project with a Gold Award for Project Financing at the 2015 National Awards for Innovation and Excellence in P3s.

2015 Major Infrastructure Project of the Year award
The Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension Twin Tunnels received the 2015 Major Infrastructure Project of the Year award.


Safety comes first – always.

At Aecon, safety is our first priority and number one core value – and our program is based on leading safety techniques and continuous improvement. In 2015, we self-performed 19.2 million hours of work and completed thousands of leading indicators that helped us to see another year of improvement in all aspects of safety performance.

Each year we celebrate Safety Week with over 14,000 employees, partners and clients attending over 100 events at project sites and office locations across Canada.

Learn more about our commitment to our “Safety First” core value.

Achievements and recognition in safety

Saskatchewan Award of Excellence
Issued by Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association, to Aecon Transportation West for outstanding contributions in the Saskatchewan construction industry.

James L. Abraham Pipeline Construction Award
Presented to Aecon Utilities by Pipeline Contractors Association of Canada for the lowest lost-time accident frequency rate in distribution pipeline construction.

Trailblazer Award for Health and Safety
Awarded to Aecon Transportation West by the Alberta Construction Safety Association for the team’s outstanding efforts in the reduction of lost-time claims and “invaluable” input in the successful development of ACSA health and safety programs.

Health and Safety Achievement Award
Given to Aecon Mining Construction Services from the Hamilton Halton Construction Association for excellent safety performance.